Progressive Policy Institute

The Progressive Policy Institute (PPI) was established in 1989 "and after the 1992 election gained notoriety as 'Bill Clinton's idea mill.'"

PPI is the think tank of the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC), founded in 1985 by PPI's President, Will Marshall,

PPI, founded in 1989 by PPI's President Will Marshall and Al From, is a project of the Third Way Foundation, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizationand counts among its past chairs former President Bill Clinton, Congressman Richard Gephardt, and Senator Joseph I. Lieberman

PPI says its mission “arises from the belief that America is ill-served by an obsolete left-right debate that is out of step with the powerful forces reshaping our society and economy.

Marshall and From have long advocated for a “third way” in the political debate that consists of free-market principles that largely echo the right-wing platform, making their organization's name misleading. Indeed, one of PPI's five strategies includes “confronting global disorder by building enduring new international structures of economic and political freedom”

“Don't look now, but neoconservatism is making a comeback—and not among the Republicans who have made it famous, but in the Democratic Party,” declared writer Jacob Heilbrunn in a May 28, 2006 op-ed for the Los Angeles Times.

In “Neocons in the Democratic Party,” Heilbrunn argued that a new generation of Democratic “pundits and young national security experts” are trying to revive the Cold War precepts of President Harry S. Truman and apply them to the war on terror. “The fledgling neocons of the left are based at places such as the Progressive Policy Institute (PPI), whose president, Will Marshall, has just released a volume of doctrine called With All Our Might: A Progressive Strategy for Defeating Jihadism and Defending Liberty




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