The European Resource Bank

"Modelled after the Resource Bank organized every year by the Heritage Foundation in the United States and the Liberty Forum organized by Atlas Economic Research Foundation, Resource Bank Europe - the largest annual congress of free market think-tanks in Europe - gathers today representatives from over 100 European and American think tanks, academics, policy experts, elected officials and other parties interested in the debate over strategies and problems posed to the European free economies and interested in the future of individual liberty in Europe.
"They reunite European and American think-tanks, academics, political scientists, public figures, economists and other free-market thinkers from Europe and the United States, intellectuals and public personalities interested in free markets in order to define cooperative strategies for promoting (corporate*) freedom, property and capitalism in the European arena."

Organizer: CADI-Eleutheria

Sponsors: Atlas Economic Research Foundation, Cee Trust, Brd - Groupe Societe Generale, Cato Institute, Coca-cola Hbc Romania, Americans For Tax Reform Foundation, Competitive Enterprise Institute, Peter Jungen Holding Gmbh, European Enterprise Institute, Projekt Lodz, Stoica & Asociatii Law Firm, Taxpayers' Alliance, Institute For Global Economic Growth, Center For Freedom And Prosperity

Organizing Partners: Atlas Economic Research Foundation, The Heritage Foundation, Institute For Economic Studies Europe, Stockholm-network, Cato Institute, Acton Institute, Hayek Institute Vienna, Institute For Market Economics, Lithuanian Free Market Institute