Eudoxa is a Swedish company affiliated to the Stockholm Network, that was incorporated in Stockholm in 2000 as a for-profit business, and is run by five people. As a for-profit organization, they apparently do not have to list their contributors. It is closely linked with the International Policy Network (IPN), a group based in the UK with an affiliate in Virginia.

The mission of IPN is to establish and support right-wing think tanks internationally, to organize conferences and campaigns, and to plant articles in the mainstream press. It primarily advocates against environmental regulations, but also campaigns on health, "sustainable development," free trade, and IP.

The think tank currently consists of: Waldemar Ingdahl, Lene Johansen, Alexander Sanchez, Anders Sandberg and Marcus Sjöberg.

Eudoxa lists on its web site an active collaboration with the Centre for a New Europe, an organization based in Brussels whose Web site was apparently first registered in St. Paul, Minnesota by Richard Miniter, a conservative American pundit. CNE has close ties with the Bush White House; FDA Chief Counsel Dan Troy spoke before them recently.

In sum, a careful examination reveals that Eudoxa is part of long-term, organized effort to establish "research institutes" for the purposes of corporate lobbying.

The Eudoxa press release on prequalification appears to reflect an effort by parties with a financial stake in the debate over ARV treatment access to influence its outcome.
Michael Chung

Eudoxa and American Enterprise Institute Invent “Scandal” at WHO
In August 2004, Swedish-based special interest advocacy organization Eudoxa issued a press release calling for WHO Director-General J.W. Lee to resign because of its de-listing of several prequalified generic medicines.

Eudoxa is a for-profit business that was incorporated in Stockholm in 2000 and is run by five people, none of whom are health care professionals.

Most international health experts agree that WHO’s de-listing of certain medicines pending proper documentation demonstrates that the WHO prequalification program has been successful in promptly handling data discrepancies posing potential public health risks. Yet the pharmaceutical industry sought to capitalize on WHO’s de-listing by characterizing it as a “scandal” through companies such as Eudoxa who unjustifiably urged the resignation of WHO Director-General Lee. If the industry had been consistent in the light of recent Vioxx “scandal” it had to demand US FDA Commissioner resign as well. Notably, US FDA did not take proactive actions in this case whereas WHO did.

Eudoxa claims to actively collaborate with the Brussels-based organization Centre for a New Europe, which maintains close ties to the Bush White House.

Eudoxa is also closely connected with the International Policy Network (IPN), who’s stated mission is to establish and support right-wing think tanks internationally, to organize policy conferences and campaigns, and to plant articles in the media. IPN mainly advocates against environmental protections, but also campaigns on health care, intellectual property rights (arguing against the parallel importation of patented medicines), free trade, and sustainable development policies.

The conservative American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research has also been active in perpetuating the misinformation campaign to discredit the WHO prequalification program and generic medicines.


"The fact of the matter is that health and healthcare is like any other commodity we as individuals consume." Lene Johansen

"Today, it is 100 years since the most uncompromising advocate of capitalism and selfishness was born. She died in 1984, before I was even introduced to her philosophy, but she lives on through her novels and philosophy books. Her name is Ayn Rand." Lene Johansen

"As an egoist, I can choose whom I extend my generosity towards." Lene Johansen

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Eudoxa and American Enterprise Institute Invent “Scandal” at WHO

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