The Globalisation Institute

"The Globalisation Institute is a Brussels-based think tank that promotes ideas to help Europe thrive in the global economy. Located in the heart of Brussels' European quarter, close to the European Commission's Berlaymont headquarters, it works by researching, developing and promoting practical policy options that recognise political realities."

Alex Singleton is President of the Globalisation Institute

Mark Malloch Brown, then the head of the UN Development Programme (and subsequently UN Deputy Secretary-General), described Singleton as the 'High Priest of Globalisation'. He is a regular commentator on television and radio programmes such as Newsnight, the Today programme, Channel 4 News, CNBC Europe, and Sky News.

He was formerly Research Director of the Adam Smith Institute and an Institute for Humane Studies, Charles G. Koch Fellow in Washington DC.
Affiliated with; Adam Smith Institute, Fellow and former Research Director,International Policy Network, IPN Technology Project director (2003), Hayek Society and the Competitive Enterprise Institute – Koch Fellow, Washington DC, USA (2002)



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