The Reason Foundation

The Reason Foundation describes itself as a "libertarian" think tank which challenges strict environmental regulations: "A national research and education organization that explores and promotes public policy based on rationality and freedom." The Reason Foundation's projects include and It is part of the Atlas Economic Research Foundation network.

From the Reason Foundation web pages:

"For 22 years, Reason Foundation has led the fight for freedom in America. Our unique combination of a top-tier, well-respected think tank, Reason Public Policy Institute (RPPI), and a major political and cultural commentary magazine, Reason Magazine, gives us an unmatched pair of platforms from which to champion liberty and its essential role in human progress. Through Reason Public Policy Institute, with its emphasis on empirical results, practical innovation, and a burgeoning national reputation, we get new policy ideas implemented. Through Reason Magazine, with its growing and increasingly influential audience, we shape public opinion in favor of individual liberty in all areas of human activity."

Reason has an associated environment website ( which promotes conservative environmental policies. The page links to articles on websites for organizations such as CEI, the Heartland Institute and Tech Central Station. It also has a section praising the environmental stewardship of corporations such as ExxonMobil. Reason's Magazine also badmouths the environmental movement and promotes the interests of Reason's corporate contributers.



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