European Enterprise Institute

Peter Jungen, President of the European Enterprise Institute; Gunnar Hökmark, MEP, Co- President of the European Enterprise Institute. Gunnar Hökmark is also chairman European Friends of Israel, President Sweden-Israel Friendship Association and Vice Chairman of the EPP-ED group.

Mr. Stober serves as the Director of Policy at the European Enterprise Institute (EEI). Mr. Stober will be in charge of coordinating the overall policy and research work of the institute. Mr. Stober is the editor in chief of the EEI policy journal "Enterprise Europe".

Mr. Stober brings with him a thorough know-how of EU policies and of the corporate sector. He has professional experience from the EU institutions, a leading American policy institution and has been working in the financial sector in an internet start-up. Mr. Stober holds Master degrees in Business/Economics from the University of Uppsala (Sweden) and a degree in EU affairs from the Natolin (Warsaw) campus of the College of Europe.

"The emergence of new regional economic power-houses such as India and China has put the economic leadership of the US and Europe under strain. What used to be the undisputed leaders in economic growth and wealth creation is today not a given fact."

"..the EEI is seeking to be a place for an informed debate and discussion on what is important for European competitiveness. In this mission, merging the policy agendas of both sides of the Atlantic is a goal in itself. Peter Jungen

"The economic partnership between the US and Europe is the strongest and most important in the world."

"As an investor in several start-ups I have been an active part of the process which Schumpeter called “the process of creative destruction”." Peter Jungen

"I have during my business career, focused on re-shaping ideas and making sure that competitive ideas are put to the market. Sometimes this has meant new jobs, but occasionally it has implied that jobs are moved to other sectors or regions. " Peter Jungen

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